Suitable Response After A Car Accident

Annually thousands of people get involved in road accidents. Some turn out to be minor while other can bring about injury or fatalities. Unfortunately, not many people know what to do right after the accident. The aftermath of a car collision is one subject that is hardly discussed. A quick and prudent response will see the prevention of further injury and a reduction of costs.

Several public awareness bodies and campaigns have come up with initiatives focusing on top suggestions for their drivers. All these tips generate a huge difference when protecting both the individual and the passengers. Those involved in traffic collisions strive to remain calm while following these steps. Here is a simple action plan on How to respond after a car accident


Have an emergency kit in your glove department

Most drivers should carry cell phones with papers and pens when taking notes. Alternatively, you can carry cameras to take photos of other vehicles on the scene. Alternatively, you can carry a contact list with numbers for law enforcement agencies. The drivers should have this from within their glove departments. Insurance companies offer comprehensive kits that include flashlights, accident documentation, and reusable camera. Cones, warning triangles, and emergency flares can remain in the trunk.


Invest in safety first

Drivers involved in minor accidents without any serious injuries will be forced to move their vehicles to the sides of the roads, safe from oncoming traffic. Cars parked in the middle of the roads around busy intersections will result in more injuries and accidents. When a car is unable to move, drivers and passengers should remain within their vehicle with their seatbelts fastened. Ensure that your hazard lights and the other flares are on.


Exchange information

After undergoing an accident the following information is important; your address, name, insurance company, phone numbers, driver’s license numbers, policy numbers and plate numbers. The drivers’ name is different from that of the insured. This means one must arrive with a written description of the cars, including the make, year, model and color. The location of the collision shows how all this happened. Be polite and never tell the police it was your fault even when it was you believe it was your fault.


File accident reports

Law enforcement officers in most locations do not respond to accidents unless there are reported injuries. The driver must download the police report and fill it accordingly. This report helps the insurance companies speed up the insurance coverage.


What does your insurance cover?

Do not wait until an accident discover what your policy caters for. Not all plans automatically cover towing and replacement costs. For a little more you can add rental car disbursement to cover rentals. Take time to check the specific details to reveal the specifics.



The last question rotates around which type of accidents pay for damages. Once a minor accident occurs you will be able to handle the damages without involving insurance companies. Other drivers might want to pay for the damages without involving insurance companies, unfortunately, the bill turns out to be too high. To be on the safe side ensure that your insurance company gets your story of what happened. Additionally, have our car accident lawyer vancouver on speeddial at all times. Always play it safe when it comes to auto insurance.…


Benefits of accident attorneys

The frequency of the occurrence of road accidents in our present day life cannot be neglected. Experiences gotten from accidents are traumatizing, that is the more reason you need an accident attorney.


As we all know, many things can lead to road accidents; it might be due to mechanical faults of vehicles or negligence of drivers. Nevertheless, whichever way, correctly taking care of the aftermath of an accident is the priority for every road accident victim. The most common procedure that is usually followed is going to insurance companies for compensation of the damage. As this step makes a whole lot of sense, having an accident attorney could even be more sensible.


As facing all the legal procedures alone after an accident can be a bit difficult, you can simply hire an atlanta personal injury lawyer lloyd bell who will help you render your claims.

Benefits Of An Accident Attorney

There are many benefits one can obtain from having an accident attorney. On that note, below are some reasons why you should hire an attorney.


Forwarding Of The Case To Court

An accident attorney can sue your insurance company if they are adamant on not paying you well. Insurance companies do not want to go to a trial because there are odds that the case will turn in your favor, so when you have an accident attorney, you get settled in abundance.

They Will Fight For You

Accident attorneys will fight for you because they can only get paid if you get adequately compensated. In addition, as facing an insurance company all by yourself is difficult, an attorney will be your support and go all the way in fighting your way to a worthy compensation.

Knowledge Of The Law

ZXCZXCXWhen a car accident occurs, the victim may have little knowledge about the laws regarding the mode of the accident. This is the more reason why accident attorneys are critical. In many cases, even if a victim understands the model of his or her accident, the victim would still lack the proper knowledge of the procedures.

Reduction Of Stress

You can spare yourself of the stresses associated with facing an insurance company if you have a legal accident attorney to represent you. This is because an experienced accident attorney understands the legal procedures; thus the attorney has all the ideas relating your case.


Research has it that accident victims with a legal attorney are mostly well compensated if compared to those victims without an attorney. This is because an accident attorney knows the worth of your claims. In addition, the attorney will make sure that your medical bills are appropriately footed.


The above reasons are good enough for you to hire an accident attorney. First, it is associated with many benefits, and it improves your odds when you face a stubborn insurance company.…


Car accident injuries

Dallas contributes a big number of the car accidents that are reported in Texas. Some of these accidents are fatal and lead to very serious injuries. However, on a positive side, a large number of these accidents do not result in injuries of a serious nature to those involved. It is important to note that injuries that result to you and members of your family can be compensated if you seek the services of a competent attorney to handle your case.



It is important to analyze the statistics as far as auto accidents are concerned not only in Dallas but also in the entire state of Texas. In the year 2012, it is reported that there was a total of 325,000 vehicle accidents. Out of these, the serious ones were 63,000 which resulted in 87,000 serious injuries.

These accidents are mainly reported in urban areas such as Dallas. However, there are also those that are reported in the rural areas. Dallas being an urban area mainly contributes to a large number of accidents as a result of a large number of highways that have a large number of cars that are involved in the reported car crashes.

Out of the figures in the entire state, 25,000 car accidents were reported in Dallas with a figure of about 128 being very serious accidents. This resulted in 3500 serious injuries.

These statistics on car accidents greatly worried the law enforcement agencies and were forced to apply drastic actions in major cities such Dallas, Houston as well as Austin. On weekends and major holidays such as Christmas and new year eve celebration, there was magistrate enforced blood alcohol level tests on drivers. This measure resulted in the great reduction in the number of car accidents that were caused by drunk drivers.



The accidents were mainly as a result of factors such as those driving beyond the recommended speed limit, drivers distracted by several factors such as phone calls, unlawful changing of lanes among other things that are prohibited by the law.

It is always advisable to seek for injuries that arise from these accidents injuries to those involved.



Accidents result in many types of injuries to those involved. These may include having broken bones, injuries to the spinal cord, injuries to the brain, internal bleeding as well as burns. The extent of these injuries can be so massive in some cases leading to lengthy medical procedures as well as very expensive regarding medical expenses.

Car accident injury can be reduced if one takes into account the car safety measures that are there.



Attorneys are essential in accidents that result in serious injuries to enable one to get compensated. The various categories of accidents in which the attorney can be of great help include accidents involving trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians, rollover accidents, accidents as a result of speeding, accidents as a result of road defects, accidents caused as a result of mechanical malfunctions, accidents that result from drunk driving as well as insurance claims.…