Merchandise Order Form

Merchandise Order Form
Print out this page–circle the number(s) you are ordering–add up the total–send to the address below. (Or write on any piece of paper what you are ordering–clearly print your name and return address–add up the total–and send to the address below.)

$19.95 (Add $3.00 for S&H;) -Everyone can Be A Singer With The Band (30 Minute Live Concert Video)
$12.00 – Singer with the Band (tapes only)
$ 6.00 – Autographed Picture (Chris, Joe & John)
$15.00 – Lollipops and Love Songs (tape + song-book) $15.00 – Chris, Joe and John T-Shirts (Extra Large Only)
$12.00 Tapes/$20.00 CD’s- Forever Friends
$12.00 Tapes/$20.00 CD’s-A World of Kindness(available May)

Total Amount of Tapes, T-Shirts, Pictures(s) $_________




Please mail Check or Money Order to:
Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

C.J.J. Enterprises
566 Wantagh Ave.
Levitown, N.Y. 11756

Singer With The Band
Everyone Can Be A Singer With the Band
Lollipops & Love Songs
Forever Friends
A World of Kindness

Joe, Chris, John & Jay