Factors to Consider When Hiring a Notary

oklahoma notaryA notary is some who can help you through the process of nullifying legal agreements like contracts and deeds for properties. Legal matters are very technical, and they require a professional approach which of course involve legal knowledge. It is advisable to take all legal matters seriously because you may find yourself incurring loses or suffering behind bars for many years. You should do everything carefully so that you do not miss a point that may compromise your freedom.

Currently, several cases are involving document fraud and scam claims. People can use dubious means to acquire a title deed for your property. And you will be required to hire a good public notary to help you claim your document validity. It is never a walk in the park when hiring a good notary; you need to put several factors into consideration before making your decision. Regarding this, the following are qualities people look for when hiring a notary.


Make sure that you choose notary who is bonded and Insured. For you to get legit signatures and seals, you have to work with an insured professional. This will protect your documentation and ensure that no errors in your paperwork. Ensure that the notary can meet your needs. According to Oklahoma Notary, you should choose someone whom you are sure of their abilities. Therefore, shortlist all the bonded and insured notaries for further evaluation.

Availability and services delivery

You do not want to agree with a notary who is always away and does not reply or pick your calls. A good notary should be available for consultation and delivery their services promptly. If you book an appointment and wait for a long period without him showing up, avoid hiring such a notary. To avoid last-minute hassles and frustrations, enter into a deal with a notary who delivers their services in time. He or she should also provide other means of inquiring like mailbox services which are convenient and quick.public notary


Certification is essential when looking for a professional notary. Being a very important legal process, do not fail to ask for credentials and certification. In fact, certification will show you whether the latter is fit for the job or not. The certificate should indicate that the notary based and the course was allowed to be taught in the college where he graduated from. Therefore, before hiring a notary confirm whether they qualified to offer such services to avoid future disputes questioning the validity of your documents.

Cost of services

Always do your homework on ascertaining the standard cost of notary services. You can ask your friends, coworkers or get quotes from various notaries in your list and consider the one that you can afford. However, the cost varies depending on the laws of the state or the kind of paperwork you are into. Find out the lowest and maximum amount that can be paid for notary services. This will help you to negotiate and avoid being over-exploited. Also, the charges of the first notarial services can be a bit different from the second.